Preppers and the Primitive Life

Preppers and the Primitive Life

The majority of preppers view bugging out to live a primitive life in the woods as a last resort option. In fact, I would venture a guess that most preppers have planned or are planning a strategic relocation to make bugging in more sustainable. Others know they must endure a short-term bug out from their homes to a shelter or retreat location. But you may have also heard quite a few preppers say something like “I’ve got a permanent reservation at Mother Nature’s hotel”.

This category of primitive life preppers intend to bug out to the woods and live off the land at the first sign of trouble. There’s nothing outright wrong with this tactic. Our ancestors did it. And there are scores of avid outdoorsmen, experienced campers, and backpackers who can live off the land for short periods. At first glance, relying on the primitive life following a SHTF situation seems a logical solution to the problem of more gear and supplies than you can carry.

There’s no doubt that having some primitive survival skills will come in handy in a SHTF situation. In truth, there are scores of preppers, such as Mors Kochanski, Cody Lundin, Dave Canterbury, and Lofty Wiseman, who teach primitive skills as a career and make a good living from it. Many of these experts practice what they preach at least part-time. Some of them even routinely rely on primitive skills to survive day to day.

The term primitive skills or bushcraft skills refers to someone who can live off the land and make the best of whatever situation mother nature may throw at them, without relying on manufactured gear and supplies. Living the primitive life centers around using the resources available in whatever environment you find yourself in, to survive.

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