Prepare to Cringe: 7 Countries with Strictest Gun Laws

We, Southerners love our guns. We are somewhat privileged actually. Some may disagree, but not every citizen around the world has the luxury for such love for firearms really, this is much obvious with these countries with the strictest gun laws in the world: Russia
Guns per 100 residents: 8.9

As you can see, despite having one of the biggest small arms industry in the world, civilians in Russia are not allowed to own firearms. There are merely 9 guns per 100 residents in Russia. However, that does not make Russia a peaceful country, as violence and the crime rate are quite high in Russia. See how gun ban does not limit crime???


6. Israel
Guns per 100 residents: 7.3

Civilians in Israel are not allowed to carry weapons unless they obtain a license, but military personnel can carry their firearms off duty. Getting a license for a civilian is pretty difficult, and only civilians living in frontier towns are eligible for such a license or they must have a military background. United Kingdom
Guns per 100 residents: 6.6

Like most European countries, the United Kingdom has always been against civilian ownership of guns. Which is also reflected in their highly restrictive gun laws and gun control policy. You just cannot own a hand gun in the United Kingdom, and you have to acquire a firearms license to own shotguns or rifles, which you can use for hunting purposes only.


4. Ireland
Guns per 100 residents: 4.3

Ireland, a neighboring country to the United Kingdom, has a bloody history of gun violence during the terror campaign of the Irish Republican Army. That and its peaceful stance in the world has made it NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE for civilians to own a firearm in Ireland.


No guns.

3. Netherlands
Guns per 100 residents: 3.9

The Netherlands is known for its liberal views and personal freedom, but when it comes to guns and firearms possession of civilians, the country is extremely strict. Only law enforcement, hunters, and target shooters can own firearms in the Netherlands. Owning firearms for personal defense is completely illegal what put this country this high on the list of countries with the strictest gun laws in the world.


2. South Korea
Guns per 100 residents: 1.1

Despite sharing its borders with one of the most hostile countries in the world, North Korea, the South Korean government is quite reluctant about issuing firearms to civilians. You can get a license for a firearm for hunting purposes, but you have to store your weapon at the nearby police station, which is pretty unique, not to mention smart. Private possession of firearms by civilians is not allowed at all.

And now, let’s take a look at the first among the countries with the strictest gun laws in the world.


1. Japan
Guns per 100 residents: 0.6

0.6 OUT OF 100! From our research, we found Japan to be the country where owning a gun is pretty much taboo. Given the history of the country, Japan is very strict about issuing guns to civilians. It is possible for an individual to own a gun in Japan, but the process is extremely foreboding. A lot of paperwork, money and training is required to acquire the license to own a firearm and then there is the issue of cost, which is extremely high. Even owning a sword in Japan is difficult and subject to laws. That, considering that they were a country of swordsmen!

Did you cringe while reading such repressions! Not unless the country can protect its citizens at 100%, government shouldn’t go stopping us from being able to arm for ourselves! Share to us how this makes you feel. Comment below.


In Pride, Freedom, and Liberty,

Big Bill MacGraw


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