Owners Left Dog to Freeze: 6 Ways to Not be Like Them

express.co.ukDavid William Lee, 51, and Lydia Ann Lee, 54, left terrier Frances frozen to the floor of a filthy kennel with a wet carpet and no bedding or dry lying place. The poor pet had obviously been neglected for a long time causing it’s poor body condition and depressing weight loss. It was a very upsetting scene.

RSPCA Inspector Carroll Lamport visited their home following an investigation of wild bird trapping and keeping. The disgusting pair from Whitstable, England, were indicted with causing unnecessary suffering. Among other penalties and fees that were charged, they were also both also disqualified from keeping animals for life.

Please don’t be like those folks who only care about themselves, here are ways how to protect your pets from winter neglect:


Avoiding mistreat of your pets is quite easy if you actually care about them.

How do you feel about people like those two owners? For me, they should be put in wet cages, left without food and be left in the snow. Then they’ll realize how horrible what they did was. Comment your feelings below.

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Big Bill MacGraw

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