About Prime Patriot

The fastest-growing rebel support group on the internet, Prime Patriot is an online community dedicated to the promotion of and preservation of Southern heritage. As Southerners, we have a unique past, and we are determined to ensure that the stories and figures that made us who we are will be passed down to future generations. We seek fellow supporters of our cause and offer exclusive products and services that show the world that you are proud of your heritage. We promote history, not hate.

Prime Patriot is committed to spotlighting the unique and proud heritage of every Southerner. Our mission is to provide a place for people to interact with others who share our pledge to preserve our past. Not only do we provide a social forum to meet and share with others, we also provide a place to find related events, valuable coupons and discounts and news stories relevant to supporting pride in Southern heritage. Prime Patriot provides you with the satisfaction of knowing you are part of a movement to preserve the history of the people and places of the South.