3 Crucial Things You Should Know Before Buying an AR-15

Before anything else, let’s make something clear, AR-15 stands for ArmaLite Rifle, not “assault rifle.” ArmaLite is the company that first produced the AR-15 in 1958. AR-15 does not stand for “assault rifle” because this firearm doesn’t fit the criteria for an assault rifle. I might write more about that next time, for those who’d like to make further notes on that, you may comment them below.

So, now that we have that out of the way, I see you’re looking at buying an AR-15, here are some things that you have to bear and mind to not randomly buy one that may not be exactly what you need, or worse, will get you imprisoned.

The Purpose of the Firearm

The first thing to determine when choosing a rifle is to ask yourself, “What I use this Rifle for?” Once you answer that question, it makes it a lot easier to narrow your search to a specific model.

  1. stagarms.com

    Target shooting. One of the most popular uses of our rifles is target shooting, and it is where most of our customers start their journey as shooters. You can challenge yourself or your friends’ by shooting at targets to see who gets the highest score, or you can simply practice shooting for self-improvement. A day at the range can also create a family or friends bonding experience.

  2. Hunting. Stag 15 rifles are able to be used to hunt a wide range of animals. The 5.56 models are great for varmint and small game hunting, with the Model 6 being specially designed and called the Super Varminter. Our Stag 7 rifle was designed to hunt larger game such as deer and it utilizes the 6.8 SPC cartridge for more power.
  3. Home defense. The AR-15 is a good choice for home protection. The 5.56 cartridge is a great choice to stop an intruder intent on doing you harm and has less penetration through walls and structures than pistol rounds shot through a carbine or buckshot out of a shotgun.
  4. Competition. Many of our rifles are used in competition such as the Model 4 in the service rifle category, the model 6 with a ½ MOA, and the Model 3G which was designed from the ground up by our shooting team for 3-gun competitions.

See if the Company Stands Behind Their Products

  1. Customer reviews. You need to make sure the company is reputable in the industry. It’s best to ask knowledgeable people, and use an internet search engine to look up information about the company and what others have to say about them, especially if they have had repeated issues.  Every company from time to time will have an issue with their manufacturing, so you should also look up how a company acts and works with the customers when these issues do arise.
  2. Warranty and guarantee. You should also make sure the firearm you’re planning to purchase has a warranty or guarantee. All Stag Arms rifles which ship from our factory include an industry leading lifetime transferable warranty and an infinite shot guarantee with the barrel. Here’s a table of comparison from StagArms, a little biased in their favor of course, but you get the point and now have better idea of what to ask about in terms of warranty.

Magazine Size: What is Legal?

Some states have restrictions on magazine size which you should know before trying to purchase additional magazines for your rifle.You need to check your state law to confirm what size magazine is legal. You can check my past post on gun laws to see what is legal in your state.


This is as much wisdom I have for you on that, anything you guys would like to add? Comment below.


In Pride, Freedom, and Liberty,

Big Bill MacGraw

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