15 Things that Make Hunting Much Easier in Winter

Winter is getting close. But nothing can really stop us from hunting, not even the freezing snow. Because we are real men! That and winter actually has lots of great hunting benefits. Here are the 15 reasons why winter rules all when it comes to tracking and making your kill.


15. Animals have settled into a winter cycle
Snow has been on the ground and the cold has been there. Nothing new and the animals can be patterned easier. Predictability is the key!

wideopenspaces.com14. Use a sled
Easier to drag large game out on snow.

13. Lack of water and mud
It’s all locked up in the ice. Hunting those swamps and crossing lakes and creeks (ice permitting) has become a breeze!

12. Leaf-free sight lines
The hunter can see game much farther due to the lack of foliage.

11. Your hunting area shrinks
For deer hunting, deer may tend to “yard up” in the later winter months to conserve energy. This means less area for the hunter to cover.

10. Bait to your advantage
For states that allow baiting, game (especially deer) will hit the bait piles hard when the snow rolls in and the drifts get deeper.

wideopenspaces.com9. Blaze orange
Snow offers the hunter wearing hunter blaze orange more visibility with its contrast on the white snow offering added safety.

8. Cool equipment
Snow shoes and skis can be used to access those back country and hard to reach areas.

7. Snow for tracking animals
There is a large blank sheet of snow out there and the feet of your game are writing the story of the wilderness and what happens there. Track your game carefully on a fresh trail and it will lead you directly to them.

6. Blood trails
If you hit your game, especially when hunting larger game with archery equipment, snow is the best way to track using a blood trail. Red lettering on a white back ground is as bold as those rough graded test papers that we remember from school; it really stands out. Use this to your advantage.

wideopenspaces.com5. The winter blizzard hunt
This season I walked up on a doe in a sub zero degree winter blizzard and I could have touched her. She was bedded down trying to keep the wind and snow off her nose and I was wearing many layers of warm clothing and a military surplus white parka. In essence, I was invisible to her. She could not see me, hear me or smell me do to the high winds and snow white out conditions.

4. Winter white clothing
As mentioned in #5, become the snow and disappear.

3. Lack of insects
No biting bugs to distract you at all. This is my personal favorite, really.

wideopenspaces.com2. Only the hardcore hunters will share the woods with you
Many people are not fans of being cold and the couch and a football game are so tempting to them. But us, we eat cold for breakfast, well, no, not really, I prefer a hot meal before I head out.

1. The aesthetics
The beauty of the woods under a coating of snow is that of amazing proportions.

I would dare say, get your ass off the couch and go hunting in winter and make use of this season and everything that comes with it! So tell me, will you go out there now? If not, why?? Share us your dilemmas, comment below.


In Pride, Freedom, and Liberty,

Big Bill MacGraw


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