10 Things You Should Never Give Your Wife For Christmas

Nothing. That’s what she says when you ask her what she wants. Even if you clearly heard “no gifts” this year, this does not mean come Christmas morning she is going to expect nothing. Be the dear loving husband for your hard working lady who takes care for you and the kids everyday, who knows, she might just return the favor, if you know what I mean.

Here are some suggestions on what NOT TO GIVE to at least narrow it down:


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    Pots, pans, plates, cups, they are very impersonal and suggest that a woman belongs in the kitchen cooking and doing dishes. Not a great idea, guys.


    Do you expect your wife to jump up and down with joy and immediately start cleaning the house when you give her a vacuum? That is not a gift at all, but rather a necessary purchase you budget for the home.


  1. Image result for cooking giftsRECIPE BOOK
    Anything to do with cooking is not a great idea. Instead, why not take your wife out to dinner? Or, better yet, YOU make dinner and do the dishes. That would be a real gift.


    While I would honestly like to get some laser hair removal done, if my husband gave it to me as a gift I would automatically think he did not like something about me. Even if my hairy legs appall him, he should never mention it, especially as a cleverly-disguised Christmas gift.


    A gym membership? Does this mean you think your wife should work out more? Does this mean you think she is fat? Does this mean you think she has too much time on her hands and should be spending it at the gym? I think you can see how this gift would go over.


  1. Image result for bad gift wifeAPPLIANCES
    I remember one year my dad was so excited to give my mom an electric can opener for Christmas. She had been complaining about how hard it was to use her hand crank one, and he thought this was a perfect gift. He built it up so much that she couldn’t wait to open it. Imagine her disappointment when inside the box was not some beautiful scarf or box set of books by her favorite author, but rather a can opener. Needless to say, it did not go over well. Appliances, just like cleaning supplies and dishes, are gifts for the home, not the wife.


    Underwear was the dreaded gift when you were a child, and it still is as an adult. No one should pick another person’s underwear out for them unless it comes in the form of a gift card for Victoria’s Secret.


    Don’t be all sneaky and buy something you’ve been wanting and then put your wife’s name on the gift. She will know who the PlayStation is really for as soon as she opens the box, no matter how much you try to convince her it is something the both of you can do together.


  1. Image result for homemade couponsHOMEMADE COUPONS
    You know the ones I mean: good for one foot massage or good for one snuggle. Your wife should not need a coupon for you to give her a massage or cuddle; you should be doing that anyway. A coupon is just adding insult to the fact that you’re not already doing those things for free.


    You really think seat covers or an ice scraper for a car that both of you drive says how you really feel about your wife? Items for the car fall under “car maintenance” not “Christmas gift for wife.”


If you are truly at a loss for what to give your wife, spend a day listening to her. She will drop hints. It may not be very direct, but pay attention. Even if you don’t have the budget, there is no excuse not to give her anything. Make her breakfast, frame a cute picture of the two of you for her office, write her a poem, give her something. It doesn’t have to cost money, it doesn’t have to take tons of time, just put a little thought into it and make sure it is out of the ordinary of what you regularly do for her.

By putting just a bit more effort into your gift, she will appreciate it. Do something just for her and you will be successful this Christmas.

What have you been planning to give the woman of the house this Christmas? Or if you, the wife is reading this, what would you want your husband to give, comment below, who knows, he might get to read it.



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